Founded January 2013, Seeds of Change began as a volunteer project to help young Burmese pregnant women learn how to sew. In 2019, we continue by teaching young boys & girls, from BanYa Literacy Centre, the basics of sewing.

Thanks to the Phuket Mulligans Golf Society, we were given funds to furnish a sewing & crafts center. The Seeds of Change sewing and crafts center is located at the Good Shepherd Regional Center, a building affectionately called 'The Blue House.' We rely on volunteers and donations, as well as, the proceeds from a few items we sell at the Good Shepherd Thrift Shop.

Our mission: 'make a difference one stitch at a time' 

Through this project, I have personally revitalized my sewing skills once used long ago in high school drama, college, and community theatre. I focus primarily on the art of recycling textiles and reimagine a new life for discarded items.

Our initial start focused on making useful items for a 'mother-to-be' and included projects such as:

  • Baby Quilts and Clothing
  • Shopping Totes and Handbags
  • Fabric Toys
  • Repair & Embellishment of personal items

More information about our projects can be found on our SO 'n SO Gals FB page. We even have a FB page for Seeds of Change now.