We depend, almost exclusively, on donated supplies. Most of our fabric comes from recycling old clothes, sheets, towels, fabric sample books, and cutoff remnants from drapery shops. We love broken jewelry and other sewing notions. We use it all to create new items or embellish old ones.

In 2013, we literally started by recycling old staff uniforms and discarded drapery. Since then, patching fabric pieces together for a creative and useful item has been our goal. We truly know how to make a 'little bit go a long way.'

Through the years, we have taken on large and small projects to help

  • pregnant women sew for their baby
  • students learn craft skills
  • provide school totes and pencil cases
  • produce saleable items like handbags, dog collars, keychains
  • learn techniques (dyeing fabric, drilling holes, assembly line, etc.)
  • Tiny Totes - reclaimed fabric samples made into handbags