Helping Others

Some WebMasher Stuff

  • Helper – charity administration, operations, event fundraising
  • Creator – founder of Seeds of Change and SO ‘n SO Gals
  • Neighbor – helping neighbors during COVID19 lockdown
  • Communicator – master of many online tools (web, newsletter, FB, TripAdvisor, etc.)
  • Consultant – small business analysis, marketing, accounting, operations
  • Writer – technical writer with awesome punctuation and English grammar skills
  • Investor – portfolio and asset risk-management
  • Mother – well of three dogs; I may have been accused of being a work alcoholic in the past
  • Shoulder – comfort and advice when asked​
  • Hasher – well not really but that’s how I got my nickname of WebMasher

If important, no job is too small or too large.

Karen Ellison American Expat Entrepreneur

aka WebMasher

How can I help you?