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Professional expertise, management and organizational skills to maximize your success.

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Affordable, reliable and fast electronic design, content creation, and website management services to help your small business.

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Seeds of Change

Making a difference, one stitch at a time. Founder of sewing and crafts center for those less fortunate.

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Karen Ellison is WebMasher

Former corporate America technical sales professional with lots of global experience and 35+ years working for high-tech companies like Microsoft, Honeywell, and others. Along the road, have developed and practiced proficiency with Microsoft Office products used to manage large virtual teams worldwide to achieve outlandish scorecard measurements. And now I just do stuff for fun.

Living as an expat in Southeast Asia for the past 17 years, I'm practiced in multi-cultural collaboration and take great pride in establishing and meeting appropriate deadlines.

​Hats change based upon needs.... WebMasher is a 'hash' name.

Need help?

If I can lend some expertise or a helping hand, feel free to contact me.